Meet Logan Freestyle

November 16, 2022 no comments mastermind Categories Safari, Sport

How did you start freestyle? I discovered freestyle thanks to a friend who was interested in this discipline

When did you start freestyle? January 2011

3 words that define Freestyle in 3 words according to you? Freedom, Passion and Creativity

What is your goal in the world of freestyle? Live freestyle to be able to help my family out of the crisis, and take care of my mother…

Why do you like freestyle? I would rather say that it was freestyle that loved me and that got me out of there: before I spent my life at the bottom of my house, since then I have been able to discover Paris and the whole world thanks to freestyle. I will never be able to thank this discipline enough for having brought me everything I have experienced.

What is your favorite figure? in general, it is often the last figure that I have just invented that I prefer. Otherwise I really like the Eclipse.

What is your weak point? The lower

What is your strong point? Adapt my creativity and my flow to any style and any music

Any advice for youngsters and beginners? Reproducing the figures of others to train is important, but the key is to quickly seek to create your own style and your own figures!